How Google’s New Job Search Engine will affect hiring in South Africa

23rd April 2018


In March 2018 Google launched their online job search platform, Google for Jobs in South Africa.  Google for Jobs is a state of the art job search algorithm that brings together job postings from across the web into one place, allowing companies to gain more visibility of their jobs and making it easier than ever for candidates to find them.


Google for Jobs is sophisticated

Let’s just say Google for Jobs is smart.  Not only does it bring the best job search engines together into one location, but it does so in a smart, intuitive way.  In a normal Google search, the user puts their query into the search bar.  Once entered, Google’s algorithms prioritise not only the most relevant search results but also those that are of the best quality. Google for Jobs works in the same way.

Instead of simply bringing up search results that include the words that the user searched, Google for Jobs analyses those words and finds job openings across industries that require similar skills and prerequisites.  This feature is unique to Google because when they were creating the search engine they realised that recruiters and hiring managers all listed job openings differently. So, to create the algorithms used in Google for Jobs, they conducted a vast amount of research to analyse how all of the different job postings and descriptions fit together and to identify trends that could be used to bring users the most relevant open positions for their search.  Each time a person uses Google for Jobs, this algorithm analyses their behaviour and improves its results based on their habits.


Google for Jobs has great features

People love using Google for Jobs because it is easy to use.  To use Google for Jobs all that someone has to do is type their job search into Google and the results page will show a sample of related results from Google for Jobs.  Once a person decides they are interested in the results, all they have to do is click “Show More” and a full offering of results will show on the page. The user can then click on the results in order to determine which job postings they are most interested in.

When looking through the relevant and related results to their job search, users are able to see all of the information they need to apply for the job, bookmark their favourite jobs, narrow their search through related words, and choose a location to base their search around. In addition, they can also turn on alerts for their favourite searches to receive updates about new postings for positions that they may be interested in.


Google for Jobs is user-friendly

Google for Jobs is undoubtedly one of the easiest Google tools to use.  You don’t have to search for it in a sidebar or set up any preferences in order to locate it. You don’t even have to sign into your Google account if you don’t want to. All anyone who wants to use Google for Jobs has to do is type in the Google Search Engine bar.  Once inside the interface all of the features are easily visible and function without adding confusion.


How Google for Jobs impacts HR Managers and Recruiters

With Google for Jobs, HR recruiters and managers need their job postings to fit into the algorithms Google has created. For many recruiters, going through the process of creating an optimised online job posting can be problematic. However, Direct Hire is the only recruitment software in SA that is integrated with Google for Jobs and takes the guess work out of structuring search friendly job listings. Not only will the software create the perfect posting, it also allows recruiters and HR managers to post the position to multiple job sites and social media outlets to get the word out and to help rank higher in Google results.  This integration ensures Direct Hire powered careers pages are indexed by Google and ensures visibility in Google for Jobs results, reaching more talent.

Due to the fact that Google for Jobs is so easy to use and increases job exposure, the amount of applicants that apply for positions may skyrocket.  Although a large number of applicants is a great problem to have, an unexpected influx could prove to be a challenge. However, Direct Hire Recruitment software provides the tools necessary to automatically pre-screen candidates to ensure suitability and regret the candidates that don’t meet requirements.  Direct Hire recruitment software also allows easy scheduling of interviews, candidate interaction, background checks and manages all aspects of recruitment workflow.

Direct Hire + Google for jobs will help you attract more scarce skilled candidates to your job postings and make it easier for them to apply at a fraction of the cost compared to using traditional out dated recruiting methods.