7 Ways for HR to end off 2019 on a high note

4th November 2019

7 ways for HR to end off 2019 on a High note


Global studies have indicated that people in  HR departments deal with incredibly high levels of stress in comparison to other departments and are considered to be some of the most stressed-out employees in an organisation.



HR professionals are naturally people-centric beings with high levels of empathy. Not only are we having to constantly think on our feet, but we must do this whilst undertaking multiple roles in orderto deliver sophisticated and innovative people solutions – often within very tight deadlines.


Whilst we all know that our passion fuels our flame and with the end of year fast approaching, it’s time to take a look back, review and finish strong!


Here are a few simple ways to end this year off on a high:


  1. Acknowledge & Reflect

Stop, quiet your mind & be still. Take time to acknowledge this year and the journey you have walked.  There are various methods one can utilise to do this.  Meditation or journaling are great tools to use to help see the bigger picture and how far you have come.


  1. Declutter

Clean out your workspace, your calendars & cancel those subscriptions you have not used.  Studies have shown that being organised makes a huge impact on one’s ability to solve complex problems.


  1. Celebrate Your Successes

Make a list of all the battles you have won over the last 12 months, don’t forget to share and celebrate these victories. Self-development is about gradual and consistent improvement so it’s important to track and review your progress.


  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Make a list of the things you wish you had done / completed / accomplished this year and put together a realistic action plan to achieve this in the coming year.  Failure is a much better teacher than success and should be embraced as such, just so long as you are genuinely acknowledging and consistently learning from your mistakes.


  1. Say Thank You

Say thank you to the people who got you through the year.  Take responsibility for the mistakes you made and forgive.  Go visit that person you kept saying you’d visit this year but didn’t.  Practicing gratitude is a very important tool to ensure that you experience a higher level of satisfaction both in work and life in general.


  1. Take Time for Yourself

Find a release, take time to recharge and learn how to relax.  Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat well.  Always remember that demanding time for yourself starts with yourself!  You are no good to anyone if you are burnt out.  Make your wellbeing your highest priority, this way you can always ensure that you are giving your responsibilities your absolute best.


  1. Let Go & Move On

Accept the failures you encountered this year, learn from them and then let go and move on.  Don’t take baggage in to 2020 with you.  Making a list of your priorities and intentions for 2020 will give you a great head start in the new year.


Be brave and finish strong!  There is still enough time to End this year off on a High!