South African Recruitment Trends Report – 2016

19th September 2016

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The much anticipated 2016 HR South African Recruitment Trends report whitepaper is now available to download for free. This report is based on South Africa’s largest annual HR Recruitment Trend survey and is the most definitive source of recruitment trends currently available.
The war for talent has heated up to unprecedented proportions, find out how South African organisations are responding and measuring up to the challenge. This South African Recruitment Trends Report has been compiled in an easy to read format. Please click above to download the full report.

This report is based on responses from 1388 Survey participants across South Africa.
The HR Recruitment Survey on which this report is based, was the biggest of its kind ever to be conducted in South Africa.


The South African Recruitment Trends Report Gives you Insight into:

  • The biggest challenges facing recruitment in 2016
  • The most effective recruiting methods
  • The most effective social recruiting tactics
  • The most effective all round sources for quality talent